Get Started

To get started, transfer students should complete the following steps prior to registering for courses:

Step 1: Complete the Online New Student Orientation

Before students meet with their assigned advisor to register for classes, they are encouraged to complete the online New Student Orientation in Blackboard. Log into Blackboard and select Courses to access the New Student Orientation.

Step 2: File your FAFSA

All students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year to qualify for federal, state and institutional aid. The Office of Financial Aid is available to assist students with the FAFSA process and understanding aid as a transfer student. The Office of Financial Aid communicates with students via their Trocaire email for all official communication. Please respond to communication and requests for supplemental documentation in a timely manner.

Step 3: Activate CastleBranch & Upload Health Records

In order to register for courses, all students must upload their required health records to CastleBranch. All students receive a Package Code in their Acceptance Packet from Admissions with their specific package code. The required health records to register include:

  • MMR
  • Meningitis

Students enrolled in academic programs with clinical components will be required to create an additional Health Tracker in CastleBranch and upload additional health records as specified by their program.

Activate your package code today on myCB – Home ( 

Step 4: Register for Classes

Transfer students will register for classes with their assigned advisor in the Advisement & Student Service Center. Academic advisors will work with students to understand their transfer credit and their degree audit, and will assist students with appropriate course selection and registration. Students will register for classes in their e-Student portal.

Step 5: Order Textbooks & Supplies

Trocaire College’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore has all student textbooks and course materials available. Students may use the bookstore website to purchase or rent their course materials. Students in different programs may purchase their program uniform directly through the bookstore.

Step 6: Attend Program Orientation (if Applicable)

Some academic programs will have a mandatory orientation for new students prior to the start of the semester. Be sure to check your Trocaire email for program orientation information leading up to the start of the semester.

Step 7: Get your Technology Ready

  1. Visit the Trocaire Tech Hub to find tools, links, and answers to your technology questions.
  2. Add your Trocaire email to your phone. Email is the primary form of communication at the college. Students are expected to check their Trocaire email frequently, and use it to communicate with offices, instructors, and other personnel on campus.
  3. Complete the Trocaire Student Blackboard Training.  If you are not familiar with using Blackboard for classes, we encourage you to complete the Getting Started with Blackboard Learn Ultra training located in the Resources section of the online New Student Orientation course. Complete this training to learn about the course learning management system. You will learn about the most commonly used tools and features as well as have a safe space to take a test, submit an assignment and participate in a discussion forum before it counts for real in your coursework.
  4. OIT Recommendations for Minimum Computer Requirements:o        i5 or higher equivalent processor

    o        minimum of 8GB RAM

    o        512GB SSD/HDD (256GB Minimum)

    o        Windows 10 or Windows 11 (Windows 10 going end of life October 2025)

    o        Webcam: Integrated camera or external USB camera supported by your operating system. Virtual cameras are not supported.

    o        Microphone and Speakers

    o        Highspeed Internet

    o        We do NOT recommend Chromebook, Apple Mac, or Linux computers at this time.