Request a Tutor

Request A Tutor

Free academic support is available for Trocaire courses upon request to enrolled Trocaire students. Support is also available to recent alumn preparing for licensure exams.  Through one-on-one and group interactions, students have access to professional, alumni, and peer tutors. Professional tutors are credentialed in the academic subject(s) or skill(s) they tutor. Alumni and Peer tutors are former or current Trocaire students who have been confirmed as meeting specific academic standards to tutor in a particular subject or academic program area.

Academic Coaching is available to students seeking assistance with time management, note-taking and test-taking strategies, and general study skills. Coaching sessions emphasize critical problem solving and the students’ self-assessment of academic, social, and personal issues that impede their academic progress.

To schedule an appointment with a Tutor or Academic Coach, please click below: