Mission and Purpose

The Wellness Committee began in February 2009 and was developed “to create a supportive environment that promotes choosing wellness & taking personal responsibility for health.” Our goals are to bring awareness and information pertaining to wellness and leading a healthy lifestyle to the entire Trocaire community via social media and seminars. Communications regarding health and wellness will be available via “What’s Happening,” digital display, signage throughout the College, and the College’s social media accounts.


BlueCross BlueShield Health and Wellness News March 2017

Farmers Markets

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State wide Famers Markets

Eating Well Resources


Local Health and Wellness Events





Wellness Resources and Discounts

Attention Blue Cross/Blue Shield Members:  Do you want to discover a wealth of health information at your fingertips? Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY is offering you an amazing smorgasbord on health and wellness related issues free.


Go to www.bcbswny.com
First, you will see a copy of an insurance card with blanks where information must be filled in.  Simply copy the information from your BCBS Insurance card into the appropriate blanks.  On the next page, you will be asked to create an ID and Password for yourself as well as to fill in some personal information and your e-mail address. Then you are in!

If you click on the HEALTH and WELLNESS tab, you will move to a section labeled “Wellness Seminars.”  Here you will find a significant list of health problems, and clicking on one of those brings you to potential solutions or locations for solutions for the problem. The entire process will take you approximately five minutes, but the information you find could prove to be life-enhancing.