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The Student Accounts Office is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition and fees while at the same time recognizing the individual needs of our diverse student body. We aim to provide you with exceptional customer service and welcome your feedback. Please return the customer service survey to the Student Accounts Office with your comments and suggestions. Complete the quiz located under the Resources section on this page and return to the Student Accounts Office to receive a one-time $10.00 discount!


Monday and Thursday, 8am-6pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm


Damian F. Desbordes, M.S                    Brittny Puckerin
Director of Student Accounts                 Student Finance Associate           

Main Campus Room 116
Phone: 716.827.2575


How much does it cost to attend Trocaire?

The most up-to-date tuition and fee rates can be found here. If you are a registered student, you may also view your individual account through the Student Portal.

When is payment due?

Payment is due on the last day of add/drop for the fall and spring semesters, and on the first Thursday of session one for the summer semester. We will send you a billing statement prior to each semester which will include the specific due dates for that semester.

How can I pay my bill?

We accept cash, check, money order and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) payments in our office. You may also mail in a check or money order to the Student Accounts Office.  Credit card payments can be made online through the Student Portal or over the phone by calling 716.827.2575. Checks should be made payable to Trocaire College.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we offer a payment plan through FACTS Management in which payments are deducted from a bank account or credit card on the fifth of each month. There is a $25 enrollment fee each semester payable to FACTS. Please note, your FACTS payment agreement will not automatically be adjusted if you receive additional financial aid or if you drop or add a class; you must contact the Student Accounts Office at least two days prior to your scheduled payment date and request the change. Connect to Ecashier.

What happens if I do not pay by the due date?

An important part of your responsibility as a Trocaire student is to be aware of and comply with all financial deadlines. The College charges a $100.00 non-compliance fee to all students who fail to complete their financial aid paperwork, pay in full, or sign up for our payment plan. Further consequences may include your grades, transcripts, and diploma being withheld, additional late fees, inability to register for future semesters, and your account being sent to a collection agency at your expense.

How will I know how much financial aid I am eligible for?

After receiving the information from your FAFSA, the Financial Aid Office will determine what awards that you are eligible for. This information is included on the billing statement that you are sent prior to each semester, and under the “My Financial Aid” link on the Student Portal. It is now mandatory for all current students to accept/deny awards on the Student Portal EACH semester. Contact your Financial Aid counselor if you need help with your FAFSA or if an award is missing from your billing statement.

Can I pay for my tuition with an Alternative (or Private) Loan?

Yes, but you must apply for the loan at least three weeks prior to when tuition is due. If the Financial Aid Office has not received an approval from your lender by the last day of add/drop, you will be required to pay your outstanding balance in full or sign up for our payment plan.

What if my tuition is being paid by an employer, union, government agency, or other third party?

If a third party is paying the College directly for your tuition, you must submit a letter of authorization each semester from the agency (by the last day of add/drop) indicating how much will be paid. If you have employer reimbursement, the College will not defer payment until your employer reimburses you. Payment is expected in full by the due date or through our payment plan.

Are Trocaire alumni eligible for a tuition discount?

Yes, if you have earned an associates or bachelors degree at Trocaire, you are eligible for a 30% reduction in tuition off of six credit hours per academic year. Participants in this program must pay full applicable fees. To apply, please complete the alumni tuition discount form attached in the “resources” section of this page, and submit it to the Student Accounts Office.

Am I qualified to receive an educational tax credit?

Not necessarily. It is the responsibility of the student and his or her tax preparer to determine eligibility. Trocaire will send you a 1098-T form by January 31st of each year which will include the amount of tuition and fees that you were billed in the previous year. This information is also sent to the IRS. Please note, we do not report that amount you paid, only the amount you were billed. To determine the amount you paid, you should deduct any scholarships or grants (box 5) from the amount billed (box 2).

Can I use my financial aid to purchase textbooks?

You may charge textbooks and supplies to your account at the bookstore beginning one week prior to the start of each semester. The amount you may charge is limited to the amount of financial aid you have remaining after charges for tuition and fees are deducted. Any financial aid refund that you are entitled to will be reduced by the amount of the bookstore charges. If a third party is paying for your books, you may obtain a voucher from the Student Accounts Office once documentation from the third party has been received.

When will I get my refund?

If you choose to take out loans in excess of your balance owed, the extra funds will be dispersed to you after all tuition and fees are paid. If you are receiving funding from other grants or a third party, you will not receive your loan disbursement until the College receives payment from that source. It is also important that you are attending all of your classes consistently and your instructors are marking you “present”. Failure to attend your classes could jeopardize your financial aid eligibility. More information can be found in our student aid disbursement policy found under the “resources” section of this page.

Can I pick up my refund check instead of having it mailed?

Refund checks are processed each week and are mailed out on Fridays during the fall/spring semesters and on Thursdays during the summer. If your check is ready prior to that you may pick it up in our office with photo identification. Please keep in mind that checks are usually not ready until at least Thursday and that we do not make any guarantees that it will not be mailed.

How do I notify you that my address has changed?

The Registrar’s Office (room B14) handles all address changes. Failure to update the College with your current address does not exempt you from complying with payment deadlines.

Can a parent, spouse, or other individual speak to you about my account?

As per the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we are unable to release your financial information to anyone other than yourself without your permission. New students will fill out a FERPA release form during academic advisement to indicate if your protected information can be shared with anyone of your choosing.  Current students may contact the Registrar’s Office to complete or amend this form at any time.

Will I still be charged tuition and fees if I withdraw from the College?

It depends on when you withdraw.
If you officially withdraw:

Through the first week of classes: 100% of tuition is refunded
Through the second week of classes: 80% of tuition is refunded
Through the third week of classes: 60% of tuition is refunded
Through the fourth week of classes: 40% of tuition is refunded
Through the fifth week of classes: 20% of tuition is refunded
After the fifth week of classes: no refund

All fees are non-refundable; therefore you are 100% responsible for all fees should you withdraw.

Will withdrawing from courses affect my financial aid and student account?

Yes, withdrawing from a course or courses can potentially affect your current and/or future financial aid. Depending on how much financial aid you have accumulated and how many courses you are withdrawing from, we may be required to send back a portion of your financial aid funds as per the Federal Title IV Refund Policy under the “resources” section of this page. You may also potentially lose your financial aid eligibility for up to one year. See the section titled “Program Pursuit” in the college catalog for more information. The Student Accounts Office can also help you determine if your financial aid would be affected.

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