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IDEA Committee Logo-Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee is committed to fostering a culturally inclusive community at Trocaire College, through reflection and immersion in activities and endeavors which support empathy, compassion, and respect for human dignity as major anchors in daily interactions with faculty, staff, and students.

Upcoming Events for IDEA Committee
  • Postcards to the 7th Generation 
    • November 13th-17th 
    • Table at the back foyer 
    • Fill out a post card and drop it in the “mailbox” to the year 2163 
    • The 7th Generation Principle is a key part of the Haudenosaunee’s Great Law of Peace. It states that when making decisions we must consider not just how our actions will impact ourselves nor even our grandchildren, but how they will affect generations that have not even been conceived yet. In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, World Kindness Day, World Peace Day and our Mercy Concerns, join us at the table in the back foyer and fill out a post card to the Seventh Generation of Trocaire and what you pledge to do to make the world a better place from when you arrived.  

Local Events 

Veterans Race: 


Other Resources 

Federal Government website with lots of resources for Native American Heritage Month: 

Youtube Video playlist by PBS about Native American and Alaskan Native Heritage: Celebrate Native American and Alaska Native Heritage | PBS 

Smithosonian Institute webpage on Native American Heritage Month: 

University of Maryland libguide on Decolonizing Education: Native Americans: 

Native Land-This website will show you the Native American communities that lived on this land before it was colonized: 

Solomon Nelson IDEA Co-Chair






Solomon Nelson: IDEA Committee Co-Chair- email: [email protected]

Amy Breski: IDEA Committee Member- email: [email protected]

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Leah Gilmer: IDEA Committee Member-email: [email protected]

Joanna Hillman IDEA Committee Member

Kate Levy IDEA Committee Member
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Shani Smith IDEA Committee Member


The IDEA Committee libguide has resources to read, watch and listen to

There is also a Gender Studies libguide also has resources you may find useful.

IDEA Committee Questions & Ideas

If you have any questions for IDEA committee or would like to submit ideas of programs or activities email us using this form.

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