Advisement & Student Service Center

Advisement & Student Service Center

The Advisement & Student Service Center strives to support and enhance the persistence, retention, and degree completion of Trocaire College students. Using a case management model that encourages collaborative relationships between advisors and students, Student Service Advisors provide a comprehensive range of services that empower our students to take responsibility for their educational, career, and life goals and increase overall student success.

We encourage all new Trocaire freshman and transfer students to view the videos below to become familiar with the campus technology you will be using everyday. These videos will demonstrate how to navigate the e-Student Portal and purchase textbooks from the Trocaire College Bookstore.

How to Navigate the eStudent Portal 

How to Purchase Textbooks from Trocaire College Bookstore

Community Services Resource Guide for Students




Christine Ryan, Ph.D
Dean of Student Success
Main Campus Room 122






Archangela Kervin
Coordinator of Academic Advisement
Main Campus Room 140




Sandi van Everdingen
Student Service Advisor
Main Campus Room 140





Faith Reed
Student Service Advisor
Main Campus Room 140




Leah McQuiller
Office Assistant
Main Campus Room 140