Mercy Action Project (MAP)

The Mercy Action Project (MAP) is a tuition-free, non-credit, value-added,  co-curricular learning experience. MAP provides service opportunities that integrate the College’s mission through an action-reflection approach that connects service to a student’s career path.

The purpose of MAP is to promote a campus culture committed to personal enrichment and service in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.

In keeping with the mission, values, and traditions of Trocaire College, students in all programs (Certificate, Associate, Baccalaureate) must complete at least one (1) MAP learning experience prior to completing their program in order to be eligible to graduate.

MAP is a program of the Student Affairs Division and a signature program of Trocaire College.




The Mercy Action Project:

  • Supports student learning while meeting community needs in ways that uphold the mission of Trocaire College
  • Promotes student success by enhancing civic engagement, personal reflection, and academic growth
  • Encourages a college-wide culture of service
  • Fosters responsible citizenship, academic and social skills, and Mercy values
  • Is mutually beneficial to the student, the community partner, and the recipients of service.

MAP’s three components include:

 I.  Understanding Our Mission (1 hr. Mission Workshop)        

Covers College mission, vision, core value outcomes, our Catholic

identity and Mercy heritage.

 II.  Living Our Mission (12 hours of Service in the Community)

Service is related to student’s academic program as far as possible.

 III. Integrating Our Mission (1 hr. Reflection/Debrief)

The post-service debrief is facilitated by the Coordinator of

Students will also complete a final reflection piece for assessment purposes.

All components of the MAP process must be completed during one cohesive semester while the student is registered in MAP.

If MAP is not completed in the semester that the student is registered in MAP the student

will receive an incomplete and be required to retake the Mercy Action Project in a future semester.

MAP runs all-year-long (fall, spring, and summer semesters).

Talk with your adviser about enrolling in MAP.






Timothy Sember
Interim Chief Mission Officer
Mercy Center
[email protected]