Student Refunds

Student Choice Refunds


Utilizing the three following refund disbursement options, Trocaire College, partnered with Nelnet now offers a fresh approach that will allow our students to choose how they want to receive their refunds.

Students should log into their
Student Portal and register under “outside links”

Direct Deposit: Direct Deposit is simple to enroll in and the fastest way to receive a refund. Students choosing this method simply provide their bank account information and we deposit their refund directly into that account. Quick, easy, and simple

Reloadable Debit Cards: We offer students the choice to have their refund loaded onto ANY reloadable debit card they already have. If the student doesn’t have one, we provide links to credible vendors, so they can research options that best meet their needs

Paper Check: The paper check option is the default option for Student Choice Refunds. If a student has not selected a preferred method, the refund will be sent via paper check. Paper Checks can take up to two weeks due to processing and mailing.

You, as a Student, can access the Student Choice Refunds system to change your refund method. You can even change your refund method while a disbursement is pending. You have until 2:00 PM CST the next day from when you received your confirmation email to update your method before the refund is actually disbursed.

*** Please note, if an ACH refund fails it will always be re-issued via paper check and changes are not allowed
*** Nelnet’s Student Choice Refund solution ensures that institutions remain Title IV compliant