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Office 365 Password Reset

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Office 365 Password Reset


If you forget your password or are unable to access your account please use the link below and follow these instructions.

At the link above, select the option ‘Can’t access your account?’

Enter your Office365 user ID and the verification code, your user ID is the same as your Trocaire email address ex. [email protected]

Select a contact method for verification for a code to be sent. The options listed were provided when the account was set up, either a phone number or an alternate email account.

After entering the code from one of your alternate contact methods you can create a new password. Be sure to adhere to the password guidelines listed below.

You will see the screen below when you have entered an acceptable password, click the link to access your account with the new password.


If you need any assistance please contact the help desk at [email protected] or by phone at 716-827-4330.


Your account is an online account, you will not be able to install Office 365 onto a personally owned device. To access Office apps like Word, Powerpoint, or Excel you will need to navigate to  and enter your Trociare email address and the password you used to create your Office 365 account