Voting Resources

As part of the WNY Women’s Foundation’s Community Civic Engagement Effort (CCEE) to encourage individuals to register to vote, Trocaire College has pledged to assist its stakeholders by providing information about voting and registering to vote.

Deadline Dates
The NYS Voter Registration Deadline is (Oct. 12) and Election Day is (Nov. 6).

Why vote? Voting is important in exercising our rights as citizens and influencing how our government is ran. Every vote does matter! Register to vote by October 12th for Election Day on November 6th.

Registration Status
Not sure if you’re registered to vote? You can check your voter registration status! Use this link to see if you are registered at your current address. Don’t forget, your VOTE counts and your VOICE matters.

Register to Vote
You can register in any one of these ways: online at, by mail (forms available in English and Spanish at, in person at your local DMV or Board of Elections, or by calling 1-800-FOR-VOTE to request an application form.

If you need assistance of any kind, please contact Tom Vane or Emily Perryman.

NYS Primaries, vote on September 13th
The NYS Primaries are Thursday, September 13. Find your polling location at Vote to make your voice heard!

Before you vote on September 13th, learn more about your state and local candidates at