Trocaire’s Good Egg Project

Advocating for and working with people experiencing poverty and a lack of education is a cornerstone of the Sisters of Mercy ministry. One program operating in service to that ministry is Mercy Focus on Haiti.

Inspired by the legacy of Sisters of Mercy founder Catherine McAuley, Mercy Focus on Haiti members are “led to service and solidarity with people who are materially poor, especially those living in Haiti. We partner with the Haitian people to meet their unmet needs and we collaborate with like-minded organizations.”

In honor of Mercy Week 2020, Trocaire College is partnering with Mercy Focus on Haiti to help raise funds for the group’s Chemen Lavi Miyo (CLM) – Pathway to a Better Life program, which assists ultra-poor women (living on $1.25 a day or less) and their families.


Here’s where the Trocaire community comes in!

We are asking members of the Trocaire community to become a “good egg” by providing eggs for children of families in the CLM program. This simple food is an inexpensive and nutritious source of high-quality protein, which can help a child who might not otherwise eat that day focus and succeed in the classroom.

Every $1.00 will:

  • Provide eggs for one child for one week.
  • Help employ the people who raise the eggs
  • Help employ the person who chops the wood for the fire that heats the water that cooks the egg!

$5 can provide eggs for one child for 5 weeks;

$10 can provide eggs for one child for 10 weeks;

$20 can provide eggs for one child for 20 weeks.


Donate Now!

Truly any amount helps. Please, in honor of Mercy Week 2020, become a good egg and help eliminate ultra-poverty through a donation to Trocaire’s Good Egg Project. Donations accepted through Oct. 8.