Staff Excellence Award

Trocaire College Staff Awards recognize outstanding staff in the areas of Excellence and Mercy Values.

What are the Award Categories?

The Staff Awards for the 2022-2023 Academic Year are the Staff Excellence and Mercy Values Awards.


Staff Excellence Award

The Staff Excellence Award will be given annually to a staff member that had made a significant impact on the college through their outstanding dedication, competence, performance, service, and ingenuity through one or more of the following:

·         Making significant improvements in student service or enhancing student satisfaction

·         Making significant improvements in a work process or system or significantly increasing the efficiency of an operation or unit

·         Demonstrating performance at a level far above and beyond normal expectations

·         Performing duties and roles beyond those normally assigned


Mercy Values/Staff Appreciation Award

The Mercy Values Award will be given annually to a staff member that embodies the core values reflecting Trocaire College’s Catholic and Mercy Heritage:

·         Mercy: Respect the dignity of each person

·         Hospitality: Welcomes those who seek to thrive in Trocaire’s environment (faculty, staff, and students alike) and creates a spirit of hospitality for all

·         Collaboration: Uses teamwork and cooperation to benefit the internal practices and community relationships of Trocaire College

·         Respect: Treats all people as individuals while recognizing and appreciating unique capabilities and contributions

·         Integrity: Acts and engages in principled ways to earn the trust of those they interact with (faculty, staff, and students)

·         Legacy: Commitment to the Sisters of Mercy-identified critical concerns of Earth, Immigration, Women, Racism, and Non-Violence


Who Can Be Nominated?

All Trocaire College staff (director-level and below) working half-time or more are eligible to win either award.


Who Can Submit a Nomination?

All Trocaire College employees are welcome and encouraged to submit nominations!


How to Nominate:

1.       Complete the nomination form below. You may only nominate one person per award.

2.       Click “Submit.”

3.       The Staff Advisory Awards Committee will review nominees for eligibility and select winners.


Staff Excellence Award