Registration Overview

Prior to registration, students will meet with their academic advisor to discuss their course schedules and have their student account unlocked. Students will also need to identify and resolve student holds. Although most students won’t have a hold, all students should take steps to identify and resolve any holds so they can register as soon as registration opens.

Next, student should review the course schedule and select their preferred class sections as discussed with their advisor. As soon as registration opens, students can complete their online course registration. If you lost your password, please contact the help desk. Textbooks and supplies can be purchased through Barnes & Noble.

Students can adjust their schedules until the last day of drop/add. When preferred course sections are closed, students should continue to try register during the drop/add period. If a seat does not become available, students should complete the Closed Course Form.

Students who choose not to register will forfeit their guaranteed placement in the next semester. Students who choose to withdraw from course(s) following the designated drop/add period must follow the College’s withdrawal procedure.