ProctorU Exam Day Checklist

ProctorU Exam Day Checklist

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We want you to be successful when you take exams remotely. The more they you prepare for your ProctorU session, the more you can focus on what matters; acing the exam.


Refer to the information below or access the .PDF infographic version: ProctorU Exam Day Checklist Infographic (opens in new window). Once you select the link, you’ll see the option to download the .PDF in the toolbar at the top.

Testing Space Requirements 

  • Private, well-lit room with no one else around you 
  • Seated at a hard surface (desk or table) 
  • Cleared workspace free from all materials except those allowed by your instructor 

Unpermitted Testing Locations: There are some types of locations that you will not be permitted to test from. Review unpermitted testing locations 

Technology Requirements 

  • Laptop or single-monitor desktop computer that meets ProctorU’s equipment requirements 
  • Webcam 
  • Microphone (should not be part of headphones) 
  • Strong internet connection. Check your internet speed using Speedcheck 
  • Latest version of Chrome (recommended) or Firefox browser with the ProctorU extension installed 

Test Your Equipment: Check to see if your technology meets the minimum requirements through ProctorU’s automated equipment check 

Required Materials 

  • One form of non-expired valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport) 
  • Any materials authorized for use by your instructor (scratch paper, pencil, etc.). Allowed materials will be listed on the scheduling form when you schedule your proctored session and reiterated at the start of your proctored session 
  • A cell phone or reflective surface to show Proctor testing environment 

Can’t Have/Can’t Do 

  • Non-religious head coverings 
  • Talk or whisper aloud
  • Go out of camera view (your face, chin to forehead, needs to be in the camera view at all times) 
  • Other people in your testing area / people talking to you while you’re in your testing area 
  • Look off-screen (if you aren’t allowed any materials) 
  • Utilize materials that are not allowed 
  • Take pictures or screenshots of the exam 
  • Copy/paste any elements of the exam 
  • Utilize a secondary monitor 

Other restrictions: In some cases, your instructor may specify additional actions/behaviors that are not permitted during your exam. These actions will be explained to you during the portion of the exam launch process when you have to agree to the exam rules.

Additional Resources

Refer to ProctorU’s support articles for test-takers that answer the most common questions and provide additional resources for what to expect on exam day. For comprehensive instructions on scheduling your ProctorU session and more, refer to Trocaire’s Student Guide to ProctorU. For documented accommodations, discuss options with your instructor.

Notes for Faculty and Staff

You are encouraged to provide the link to this support article in your syllabus, within your Moodle course, and in communication with your students regarding preparation for their session with ProctorU.