Grade Submission

Grade Submission

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Submitting Mid-Term and Final Grades in the e Faculty Portal

Step-By-Step: Direct Grade Submit

  1. From Course Options click the Direct Grade Submit link.
  2. Choose either Mid Term or Final from the Grade Type drop down.
  3. Enter both numerical and letter grades. (Narrative is only available on Final Grade Entry.)
  4. Click Submit Grades. Once grades or last day of attendance are submitted, they cannot be changed through the portal.

Note: If the student list spans multiple pages, changing to a different page will submit grades already selected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I need to update a student’s grade after making a submission?

Grade changes can be requested through the Faculty Portal Direct Grade Submit link.

  1. Click the Change Request link, which will be displayed for student’s whose grades have already been submitted.
  2. Enter the new grade and a reason for the change.
  3. Click Send Request. An email requesting a change to the grade and reason for the change will be sent to the Registrar.

Note: Narrative grade information can be added through the Final grade entry screen, prior to the submission of the Final grade. Once the Final grade has been entered,narrative grades cannot be added or edited through the portal.