Panopto-Edit or Delete Captions

Panopto-Edit or Delete Captions

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All videos with audio (words spoken) should be captioned to be in compliance with ADA laws¹. Viewers who have auditory challenges rely on video captions.

Panopto allows you to import automatic captions, which means Panopto’s AI will translate your video’s audio into written words. Typically, a majority the captions are recorded accurately, but you will still need to review the captions and make edits as needed.


  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Locate the video you want to caption 
  3. Hover over the video with your mouse and select Edit 
  4. Select Captions on the left-hand navigation menu 
  5. Select Import captions 
  6. Choose Import automatic captions from the dropdown menu 
  7. You will then see captions appear in the column to the left of the video. This may take several minutes if your video is long. 
  8. Select one of the caption boxes in order to edit the text 
  9. When finished, select Apply in the top righthand corner

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¹ADA Effective Communication