Barracuda Email Protection (Quarantine)

Barracuda Email Protection (Quarantine)

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Effective 11/62023, all employees will have Barracuda Email Protection enabled. Barracuda is an email security software that flags a potentially suspicious email and allows you to decide if it should be Delivered, added to your Allow List or to a Block List. The information below provides you with details, but basically, open the email > Make your selection and follow the prompts.

Barracuda Email Protection

Log in

  1. Navigate to the Barracuda Login page or by clicking on within the Barracuda email in your Trocaire email. You can select to Deliver, Allow List or Block List the email.
    Note: If you select Block from the options, you have successfully blocked the email
  2. Log into Barracuda
  3. Enter your Microsoft 365 password and verify your identity.

Message Log

Once logged in, you will be brought to the screen shown below:

Message Filter

Message Filer is displayed as a drop-down menu. It allows you to filter which emails you see in Barracuda.

Reading Pane

Let’s you pick where the message will display on your screen. Having this option off will prevent the message from appearing on the screen.


You can specifically look for items by using the search bar.

Allow List

You will release the email and add the sender to your “allow list”


If the Reason for a message in your Message Log displays as Email Categorization, the email from this sender is categorized as not necessarily spam, but something that you may have subscribed to at one time but no longer want to receive. For example, newsletters and memberships, or marketing information. Email Categorization assigns some of these emails to specific categories, which the administrator can decide to allow, block, or quarantine. Supported categories display in the Message.


Log Reason field as:

  • Email Categorization (Corporate): Emails sent by a user at an authenticated organization from an MS Exchange Server that involves general corporate communications. Does not include marketing newsletters.
  • Email Categorization (Transactional): Emails related to order confirmations, bills, invoices, bank statements, delivery/shipping notices, and service-related surveys. Email Categorization (Marketing Materials and Newsletters) – Promotional emails from companies such as Constant Contact.
  • Email Categorization (Mailing Lists): Emails from mailing lists, newsgroups, and other subscription-based services such as Google and Yahoo! Groups.
  • Email Categorization (Social Media): Notifications and other emails from social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Email Categorization (Other): Emails from a custom category you specify.



Exports selected emails as a .csv file


Bypasses all security Scans and sends it to your Trocaire email.

Emails in Outlook

Emails through Barracuda

  1. Double click on the email of your choice.
  2. A new chrome tab will open with the contents of the email.
    • Allow list: Release the email and add the sender to your allow list
    • Block: Blocks the email and add the sender to the list of Blocked contacts
    • Download: Install the email into your personal device
    • Deliver: Deliver the email to your inbox
    • Report as incorrectly delivered: If the email was not reported select this button.

Sender Policy

  1. Under “Settings” select “Sender Policy”.
  2. You will be brought to the page shown below.
  3. Under “Policy” is a drop-down menu with three options

Block: Sender won’t be able to send any emails.

Exempt: Email will enter your inbox and bypass security scans.

Quarantine: Will be placed in the quarantine section in Barracuda.

Linked Accounts

  1. Under “Settings” select “Sender Policy
  2. Linking new Quarantine accounts. Allows you to receive Quarantine notifications for other company accounts.