Assessments to Help Your Students

Arrangements may be made to conduct any of these assessments for the students in your courses.  Contact [email protected] to arrange for class presentation time/day and instructions for your students to access the assessment you prefer.

World of Work Inventory, My Next Move Interest Profiler,16 Personalities Assessment, CliftonStrengths for Students

There are a variety of assessments that can help understand:

  • Educational and occupational choices
  • Preferences for particular job duties
  • Aptitudes and achievement in various areas
  • Preferences for particular qualities of the work environment

To access the World of Work Inventory (WOWI) call 716.827.2444 or email [email protected]  to receive your individualized User ID and Password. In-class facilitation and discussion of results may be followed up with individualized meetings to help students plan their next career steps.

My Next Move Interest Profiler is a similar assessment to uncover your interests and occupational options, but you do not need a password to use it.

16 Personalities helps you understand yourself and others as well as learn how to capitalize on your strengths, improve weaknesses and relate with others more effectively.

CliftonStrengths for Students is an assessment based in positive psychology, The assessment helps you to become aware of your strengths and find ways to further develop those strengths and learn more effective ways to communicate those strengths to others, including employers interviewing you. Contact the Coordinator of Career Services to obtain your free access code to learn more about your strengths!

Help with understanding each assessment and identifying next steps is available from Career Services.