Registrar FAQs


What is the difference between official and unofficial? 

Both official and unofficial transcripts will contain all of the coursework you completed and any degrees earned at Trocaire College. Official transcripts are printed on parchment paper embossed with the College seal along with the Registrar’s signature and arrive in a sealed envelope. Most colleges and universities will require official transcripts.


Will a hold on my account prevent the release of my transcripts?

Yes, a hold may prevent the release of your transcripts. You will be notified upon the receipt of your transcript request form if your account has a hold.


Do you send transcripts electronically?

Yes, Trocaire College sends transcripts electronically through a secured service.


Do you charge a fee to process transcripts?

No, Trocaire College does not charge a fee to process your transcript. It is a free service.


Can I still order my transcripts if my grades or diploma are pending?

Transcripts can be requested at any time.  You can select the option of having your transcript processed after final grades are posted or after your degree is conferred.


Do I have to submit another Transcript Request Form if I have requested my transcripts in the past?

Yes, you will need to submit a form each time you request your transcript.



When is registration?

Registration typically begins in October for the Spring semester and in March for the Summer and Fall semesters. Course schedules, posted on the College website, will include registration dates.


How do I know if I have enough credits to be considered a sophomore?

College levels are determined as follows:

1 – 30 credits: Freshman

31 – 60 credits: Sophomore

61 – 90 credits: Junior

91+ credits: Senior

Your transcript, which you can on view on E-Student, will include the number of cumulative credits earned.


What can I do if a class is full?

Continue to try to add the course during the drop/add period. If you are unable to register for any section of the course, complete the Closed Course Form located on the Resources and Forms portion of the Registrar page located at:


How will I be notified if I receive seat in the closed course?

You will receive notification via your Trocaire email account.


Why is my registration status “unofficial”?

All registrations are considered unofficial until they are authorized by Student Accounts. This happens after the Drop/Add period each semester.


Online Registration

What if I don’t know my username and/or password?

Contact the Help Desk at 827-4330 or [email protected] for assistance.


How do I get unlocked?

Students meet with their academic advisors each semester to discuss the schedule for the upcoming semester. At the conclusion of your advisement session, your advisor will unlock your student account.


Will I be able to register if I have a business hold on my account?

No, you will not be able to register if you have a business hold on your account. You will need to contact [email protected]



How do I withdraw from a class after the drop/add period?

It is your responsibility to meet with your advisor to discuss withdrawing from a course. After speaking with your advisor, you must then meet with an Advisement & Student Service Center staff member to begin the withdrawal paperwork.


What if I need to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline or I stop attending classes without officially withdrawing?

A student who unofficially ceases to attend classes and does not formally notify the College in writing, or has an excessive number of unexcused absences will receive a grade of “FX” in the course.  A grade of “WF” [withdraw failure] will be issued to any student who withdraws after the deadline.



How and when will I get my diploma?

Diplomas can be picked up at the Registrar’s Office.


Will a hold on my account prevent the release of my diploma?

Yes, a business hold may prevent the release of your diploma.  You will be notified at the time of degree conferral if your account has a hold.


What does degree “conferral” mean?

Conferral designates that your degree has been officially awarded. This happens prior to your diploma being issued when it has been determined that you have met all departmental requirements.


Can I still walk in the May graduation ceremony if I am taking a summer class?

Yes, you may still participate in the graduation ceremony. Our office must be notified of your intent to ensure that your diploma is ordered. Please note that a maximum of 9 credit hours can be taken.


Transfer Credit

How do I know which courses at other colleges are equivalent to Trocaire College courses?

The transfer course spreadsheet includes courses from area colleges that are transferable for Trocaire College credit.

If a course is not included on the spreadsheet, please contact our office at 716-827-2415.


Why wasn’t I given credit for a course that I took at another college?

Transfer credit is denied if you did not receive a grade of “C” or better or the content of the course was not equivalent.


How can I obtain a Trocaire course description or syllabus to submit to another college?

The college catalog contains descriptions of current courses. The Registrar’s Office maintains archived catalogs. Contact our office to request an archived course description.

The Academic Deans under each division maintain course syllabi.


Honors Designations

How are graduation honors calculated?

Honors are given on the basis of the cumulative grade point average.

Certificate with Merit – cumulative GPA of 3.4

Degree with Distinction – cumulative GPA of 3.4

Degree with High Distinction – cumulative GPA of 3.6

Degree with Highest Distinction – cumulative GPA of 4.0


How do I qualify for the dean’s list?

Full time matriculated students [carrying 12 credit hours or more] and part time matriculated students [carrying 8-11 credit hours] who have a semester GPA of 3.4 and no grade below a “C” merit a place on the Dean’s List, which is published at the end of each semester.