Provision your Moodle Course (Panopto)

Provision your Moodle Course (Panopto)

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Panopto is integrated with Moodle so you can easily share your videos with your students. When you receive access to your Moodle course shell before the start of each semester, you will see the Panopto block on the right side of your course page, which prompts you to provision your course. Once you select “Provision course” in the Panopto block, a corresponding course folder is created in the Panopto Library. Students enrolled in the Moodle course will automatically be granted permission to view any video located in the corresponding course folder in the Panopto Library.


  1. Navigate to your Moodle course
  2. Locate the Panopto block on the right side of your Moodle course page
  3. Select Provision course
  4. You will then see a confirmation window that indicates your course has successfully been provisioned