Trocaire Pledge

A community pledge to protect one another

Trocaire Trust: A commitment to the TC Community

As a Mercy institution, we recognize the inherent call “to witness to mercy when we reverence the dignity of each person, create a spirit of hospitality and pursue integrity of word and deed in our lives.”  We honor these principles by being accountable for and to one another, valuing each member of the Trocaire community and especially those who are most vulnerable.


As a member of the community, I will demonstrate personal integrity, respect for others, and support the health and well-being of the campus community by:

  • Using my actions to uphold our values and public image, and engaging others to make choices that reflect our pledge to one another;
  • Following all current CDC guidelines and Trocaire protocols as they relate to public health and safety:
    • Staying home if I experience any symptoms of COVID-19 (See CDC guidance: and seeking appropriate medical attention
    • Wearing a face covering on campus
    • Washing or sanitizing my hands
    • Leaving spaces I use clean and ready for the next person
    • Maintaining safe physical distances from others
    • Receiving an influenza vaccine in the fall as recommended
    • Completing screening forms; self-reporting exposure; or self-quarantining if exposed or traveling from areas that require it.


Trocaire Pledge