Testing Center

An extension of the Palisano Learning Center, the Testing Center provides proctoring by appointment for students with approved testing accommodations and admissions-related testing services. 

Students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services seeking to utilize approved testing accommodations must complete the Accommodation Testing Request Form via the E-Student Portal at least 5 business days prior to the test.

Nursing Entrance Exam (HESI A2)


Students seeking admissions to Trocaire’s Registered Nurse (RN) or Practical Nurse (PN) programs are required to complete the HESI Admissions Assessment Exam (A2) as part of the admissions criteria. The Health Education Services Inc. (HESI), Admission Assessment Exam (A2), measures competencies and academic readiness for the RN and PN programs. Students are reviewed for nursing admission holistically. A combination of grade point average, A2 scores, experience, and personal attributes are all considered for each candidate.

Topics Covered

For the RN program, students are tested in the following categories: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Basic Math Skills


The HESI Admissions Assessment Exam (A2) is offered on campus or through Proctor U. This enables students to pick the best time to take the exam in a comfortable setting without the need to come to campus. The exam is approximately 3.5 hours long and must be done in one occurrence. Students cannot begin the exam and come back to finish at a later time. Students are able to register to take the exam and schedule proctoring by following the instructions listed here: https://www.proctoru.com/portal/elsevier-hesi


The cost of the first attempt of the HESI A2 and proctoring by Proctor U is covered by Trocaire College. Applicants who do not meet score requirements will be notified and offered the opportunity to take the test again at their own expense. Free online tutoring remediation is available through HESI to those who take the exam and do not achieve the needed scores to assist with preparation for the second attempt. Only two testing attempts through Trocaire College will be allowed in a 6 month period.

Study Resources

Preparation is an integral part of achieving success on the HESI A2 entrance exam. It is of utmost importance students have a solid understanding of the topics covered on the exam. Study guides in the form of a HESI A2 practice booklet are available for purchase at Trocaire’s Bookstore offered through Barnes and Noble. Students should plan to prepare for the exam by reading practice questions and understanding the topics that will be covered. Additional study guides for the HESI A2 can be found online.



In order to enforce the highest level of academic integrity while administering exams, the Testing Center requires that test-takers adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Students should arrive at the Testing Center located in Choate 111, at least ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your test.
  2. A government or college-issued photo ID is required in order to sign in to take the test.
  3. The following items are not allowed in the testing area :
    • electronic devices
    • bags
    • notebooks/books
    • purses
    • jackets
    • other personal belongings.
    *(Unless permitted by a course instructor)
  4. All materials, including scrap paper, must be returned to the proctor upon completion of the exam.
  5. In order to uphold academic standards, test-takers may not leave the testing site during the examination and will forfeit the ability to complete their test in so doing.
  6. If a student is late or unable to attend the scheduled test time, please inform the Testing Center as soon as possible.
  7. For Current Students with Academic Accommodations: if a proctor suspects that a test-taker is cheating, the test will be stopped and confiscated and the incident will be reported


For additional information regarding accommodation and placement testing, please call 716.827.2425.