Student Concerns and Support


Students who have a concern related to the college can contact the Chief Student Affairs Officer for guidance and support. This office is available to assist students navigate academic and student policies and processes, facility concerns, interpersonal conflicts and general concerns regarding the college.

The Chief Student Affairs Officer does not resolve disputes for students but rather provides information and communication to support students resolving their own conflicts.

Individuals are strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve concerns by talking with the individual student, relevant faculty/staff member or supervisor if necessary. In most situations, following the chain of command is an integral part of problem solving and a necessary step in both informal and formal resolutions to college concerns.

The Chief Student Affairs Officer is available to assist students informally by:

  • Offering a welcoming environment to listen to concerns
  • Defining the concern
  • Problem solving and operating effectively within the college environment
  • Navigating and helping understand informal and formal processes and policies
  • Developing a strategy to express the concern
  • Referring student or employee to appropriate administrative or support functions within the college to address concern

By request, more formal support can come in the following forms:

  • Additional research and information collection
  • Reviewing that college processes and policies are being followed
  • Student document review
  • Attending meetings with the student to provide support as a silent witness
  • Mediating non-code of conduct resolutions with other students

Concerned About a Student?

In the Spirit of the Sister of Mercy, by showing human dignity and compassion, the form at the bottom of this page can also be used by any member of the college community to inform the institution of a student in emotional or personal distress. This may include, but not limited to, personal, financial or mental health related issues they have witnessed or has been shared from a student.

* This is not a confidential resource.

In the case of an emergency, please call 911 or Trocaire Security at 716-827-2500.


Based on the nature of the concern, the Chief Student Affairs Officer will refer the concern to the appropriate office to address the matter.

Contact Information

Kathy Saunders, Chief Student Affairs Officer
Main Campus: Room 121


Report a Student Concern

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