Request a Tutor

Request A Tutor

For completion by students who are seeking in-person individual or small group (2-4 people) tutoring through the Palisano Learning Center.
  • Please provide a mobile number if you would like to receive communications related to your tutoring appointment via text message.
  • Please list the course(s) for which you are seeking tutorial assistance (i.e. BIO130).
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  • You may use this space to provide additional information for your assigned tutor such as, Instructors name, specific content that you would like to cover during your appointment or additional names of students planning to attend (up to 3 students).
  • Please provide up to 3 times that you are available to meet with a tutor. Tutoring appointments are typically scheduled in 1-hour increments.
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  • By checking the boxes below and clicking submit, I acknowledge the following:

Inquires related to the submission of Tutor Requests and academic coaching can be made by contacting the Palisano Learning Center directly via email: or by phone: (716)827-2425.