Extend Time, Deadline or # of Attempts for Individual Student

Extend Time, Deadline or # of Attempts for Individual Student

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Setting student accommodations

This article provides the steps for creating an accommodation override for a quiz activity in Moodle.

1. Open the appropriate quiz/test by clicking on the link.


2. Scroll down to the “ADMINISTRATION” block. Under the “Quiz administration” section click on User overrides.


3. Click on the Add user override button.


The Override screen will now display:


4. Select the appropriate student from the class list. You can also choose to use the search box to make the search easier if you have a large class.


5. Edit the necessary field or fields based on the type of accommodation needed; you will need to first click the Enable button next to the corresponding field if you will be changing the amount of time allowed to take the quiz or when the quiz opens or closes.


6. Once the adjustments have been made click Save.


7. A summary of your override(s) will display:

You can edit, copy, or delete any listing overrides by using the icons under the Action heading. If needed, simply click the Add user override button to create a brand new accommodation for another student.