Add Panopto Video & Panopto Quiz to Moodle Course

Add Panopto Video & Panopto Quiz to Moodle Course

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You can add a Panopto video to your Moodle course a few different ways:

  • Add videos to the Panopto block in your Moodle course
  • Add a Panopto video as an activity in your Moodle course
  • Embed a Panopto video within a textbox in any activity or resource in Moodle (that has a textbox)

Add Videos to Panopto Block

Panopto’s integration with Moodle allows you to provision your Moodle course. When you provision your Moodle course, a corresponding course folder is created in the Panopto Library. Any video that you store in this course folder will automatically appear in the Panopto block on the right side of your Moodle course page. Students can select a video from the list of “Completed Recordings” in the Panopto block, which opens a new tab in their browser.

  1. Log into the Panopto Library
  2. Select Browse from the navigation menu on the left
  3. Select “All Folders” at the top of the Browse window
  4. Select the arrow next to Moodle Course Folders to expand the section
  5. Select the arrow next to the applicable year the course is offered
  6. Select the arrow next to the applicable term the course is offered
  7. Select the course folder that corresponds with the applicable Moodle course
  8. Move video(s) into the course folder or upload them directly to the course folder
  9. A list of videos located in the course folder will appear in the Panopto block on the Moodle course page. Note that any student enrolled in the Moodle course will automatically have permissions to view the videos listed in the Panopto block

Add a Video as an Activity

Just as you would add a quiz, forum, assignment, etc. to your Moodle course, you can add a Panopto video to your Moodle course as a standalone activity. If you wish to add a Panopto video with an embedded quiz to your Moodle course and to have it report student grades to the Moodle Gradebook, you will need to add the video as an activity as outlined below.

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Select Add an activity or resource
  3. Select Panopto Video
  4. Enter a name in the field next to Activity name
  5. Select Select content
  6. Locate the video you wish to embed
  7. Select the video
  8. Select Insert
  9. Adjust settings as desire
  10. Select Save and return to course or Save and display

Embed Video in Textbox

You can embed a Panopto video anywhere there’s a textbox. For example, you could embed a video in the description of an assignment, in a forum post, in a Moodle page, etc.

  1. Navigate to the applicable textbox
  2. Select the Panopto icon (green circle) from the toolbar
  3. Select Panopto Video
  4. By default, you’ll be taken to the course folder for that Moodle course. If the video is not located in the course folder, either move the video to the course folder in the Panopto Library (if necessary), or select the dropdown menu at the top of the pop up window to navigate to the applicable folder in your Panopto Library where the video is stored
  5. Select the video you want to embed
  6. Select Insert
  7. You will then see the Panopto video embedded in the textbox


Watch the videos below to learn about using Panopto in Moodle.

1. Panopto Moodle Basics Overview (23:27)

Select the play button to watch the video.  Select the CC for the Closed Captioning and the diagonal arrow to maximize the video and access the video transcript by clicking on the Captions link on the left menu.

2. Uploading a Panopto Video to Your Moodle Course (4:37)


3. Create a Panopto Video Quiz (3:25)