Project Request System

IT Project Request Form

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  • Client Partners

    Please provide some basic information about the business owner(s) involved with this project.
  • To be considered, projects must have the approval of the dean or officer who is the project sponsor.
  • All projects must have a defined owner who can identify the functional requirements and success factors. The owner is responsible, along with IT, for the success of the project.
  • Project Details

    Please describe your project.
  • Please specify the date you intend for work to begin.
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  • Describe whom the project benefits, urgency, and the constituents who would benefit. Describe the extent to which the project is required for compliance, risk management, or cost reduction. Describe the impact of not doing this project.
  • Provide a brief overview of the solution. If this project is part of a broader solution, indicate how it fits within the bigger picture or program. If the scope cannot yet be determined, please indicate, "Project Description and Scope cannot be determined at this time."
  • Please select the OIT Department you will be working with on this project.