Network Services

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Network and Infrastructure Services

The Network Department within OIT is responsible for installing, maintaining, and upgrading the computer network infrastructure of the college. This is a fairly large and complex network, supporting nearly 500 computers at the main campus and satellite branches located in Transit and Seneca. In addition to the physical infrastructure, the Network staff also manages the servers required to administrate such a network, including – File Servers, Print Servers, Application Virtualization Servers, Cloud computing, DHCP Servers and DNS servers. The staff monitors the network for network health, service disruptions as well as violations in network use policy. It also implements and maintains firewalls to increase the security of the entire network from harm and assists college management in setting computer security policies.

Primary network applications

  • MS Exchange Online
  • Email – MS Outlook/Trocaire College Webmail
  • Spam Filtering
  • Network Security
  • Password/Password policy
  • Active Directory
  • Wireless and remote access

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