Career and Personality Assessments

Career and Personality Assessments

World of Work Inventory, My Next Move Interest Profiler,16 Personalities Assessment, CliftonStrengths for Students

There are a variety of assessments that can help you figure out:

  • Educational and occupational choices
  • Preferences for particular job duties
  • Aptitudes and achievement in various areas
  • Preferences for particular qualities of the work environment

Contact to figure out which one is right for you or to go over the results

The World of Work Inventory – helps you assess your interests, skills and aptitudes to help you identify career paths that will help you reach your goals. *Contact to obtain your unique user ID and password

CliftonStrengths for Students – enables you to uncover your top 5 strengths and how to further develop and utilize them in your career field. *Contact to obtain your access code

My Next Move Interest Profiler – is a similar assessment to uncover your interests and occupational options, but you do not need a password to use it.

16 Personalities – helps you understand yourself and others as well as learn how to capitalize on your strengths, improve weaknesses and relate with others more effectively.